Enterprise Class Monitoring Solutions

Monthly BI Reporting | Custom Dashboarding | SMS and E-mail Based Alerting | P1 24/7 Support Available Separately
Website Monitoring
/ Per year
URL Availability
URL Response Time
End User Synthetic
SSL Certificate Checking
Gateway Monitoring via Synthetic
API Availability & Response Time
Network Monitoring
/ Per year
Network Performance
Service Provider Governance
Latency & Jitter
SD-Wan Monitoring
SD-Wan Monitoring
Router, Switch & Access Point
SQL Monitoring
/ Per year
Database Performance
Database Instrumentation
Log File Parsing
Day End and Batch Process
SQL Job Monitoring
Stored Procedure Monitoring
Server Monitoring
/ Per year
Server Performance
Service Provider Governance
Storage Monitoring
Operating System Performance
Hardware Performance
Server Capacity Planning
P1 Monitoring
/ Per year
Website Performance
Service Provider Governance
Network Monitoring
Server Performance
SQL & DB Monitoring
Hosted Cloud Monitoring
Call Center Monitoring
/ Per year
PABX - Virtual/Physical Monitoring
SIP Monitoring
Telephone System Switch
API Monitoring
Call Center Management Software
CRM Availability

1. When can we get started?

Right away! Get in touch with us and we will begin understanding your business, IT infrastructure and monitoring requirements. Sourcing’s scope to implementation value is unrivaled in the industry.

2. What technologies do you cover?

Sourcing’s profile set is extensive, covering most popular vendors found across the IT industry. Our profiles are  highly curated giving you only what you need to see and cutting out the unneeded noise. Our platform can even ingest custom data types that are specific to your business needs.

3. How much does it cost?

Sourcing will build a monitoring solution to suit your budget and required outcomes. Our pricing model is flexible and tailored to what you need from an operational service.

4. What industries do you service?

Over the last 20 years Sourcing has built monitoring solutions for a range of businesses from small businesses with only a few devices to global corporations with thousands of data end points. Industries we service include financial organizations, banks, manufacturing, retail, fast food, business middleware, IT service providers and many more.

6. How to get in touch?

Book a demo via our website or contact us at info@sourcingsales.co.za. Alternatively find us on LinkedIn for additional details and references.



We would love to hear from you should you have any questions or want a demo.

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About Us

We are a premier monitoring service organization giving you visibility and decision making power over your technology landscape with our world class operational service team, processes and toolset.

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Client testimonials

We are extremely proud of the service we provide and stand by every solution we deliver. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
“We started monitoring early to understand how much downtime the restaurants in our digital sales ecosystem were experiencing, the intention being to reduce loss of sales and improve customer experience.”

Crem Govender

Chief Digital Officer - KFC

“Because the people at Sourcing got close to our business and spent a lot of time understanding what we are doing, by the time we signed up there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that it was going to be a success from day one. This was about very much more than the technology — it was the people and the implementation team that made sure it was a success,”

Russell Stather

Chief Information Officer - Ignition Group

“It’s reduced a lot of the burden on me as part of a small start-up where time is very limited. It’s also reduced the burden on our development team, who know that as long as they deploy our services in a consistent way, the team at Sourcing can do the monitoring necessary to ensure our services remain reliable to customers.”

Phil Benoit

Chief Technology Officer - Spot Money

“When you build a bank from the ground up this means that everything is done for the first time. Our monitoring capability can keep up with such a rapid rate of change. We have a view of our infrastructure both cloud and on-premises along with application issues and user experience of our Internet banking and smartphone application.”

Bruce Pavely

Chief Information Officer - Tyme Bank

The Only Monitoring Solution You Will Ever Need

24 hr Live Charts

Sourcing will build bespoke, purposeful dashboards and BI reports for your technology and business requirements allowing you make better decisions with clear valuable data.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Our integrations allow us to synthetically monitor the performance of your applications and processes whether they are mobile or desktop based. This powerful capability allows you insight into your customers experience with your business processes.

Over 45 API Integrations

Our platform includes integrations for hundreds of technologies and technology vendors built, managed and curated over to decades providing you only what you need to meet the outcomes you define. Our integrations are continually expanding and customizable when you have bespoke software within your environment.

Detailed Metrics

With more than 100 billion data points collected each month at constant 2 minute interval you will be able to instant visualize your data across all your technology with a minimum of one years retention.

Premium Operational Support

Sourcing builds and runs operational monitoring capabilities for your business. We cover the technical and process landscape so you know that your technology and your business are available to your customers.

20+ Years Experience

Sourcing's operational team is solely focused on building and fulfilling your monitoring outcome requirements. Our team consists of experts from across the monitoring field including analysts, monitoring engineers and P1 call center experts. This is all we do and we've done it for over two decades.

Elevate your monitoring. Elevate your data. Elevate your business.

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